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“360 feedback and coaching has been really valuable in my development as a leader. I found the coaching particularly useful in helping me to look at situations from different perspectives, understand the patterns in my thinking and consider alternative ways to achieve my personal and professional goals. I’d recommend Sweetmans and Partners as a great partner to support and challenge you as a leader.”
— Aaron Evans, Head of Enterprise architecture, Motonovo Finance
A fantastic few days of practical tools and thought provoking questions today with Sweetmans and Partners. Thanks for partnering with us to support the development of our leaders as coaches in a way that brings to life our values and contributes to our ambitious plans’
— Lindsey Samuel, Operations Manager, Hodge Bank
“Before coaching I was a little sceptical about the impact it might have. However I can honestly say it has been really valuable. The impact on me, the team and ultimately the firm has been very positive and this has been shown in all the metrics we tracked.”
— Board member Top 100 Law firm
“Chris’s experience in the legal market gave him a clear insight into the issues that we face and made designing the courses tailored to our requirements a quick and straightforward exercise”
— Ben Johnson, Partner and Head of Best Practice & Risk, Geldards LLP
“We worked with Sweetmans & Partners to shape our new client training offer. Their experience and insight have helped us develop a great product which closely meets our clients’ needs and gives us a fantastic business development platform for the next few years.”
— Tony Rollason, Regional Manager, Landmark Information Group