We believe in the power of co-creation and partnerships to achieve business and social change. This belief comes from our own experiences of working with partners to achieve shared aims and co-create new initiatives. These aims have sometimes been specific to an individual, team or organisation, and other times helped deliver goals at a macro or societal level.

These experiences have informed the way we work today, and we’ve sought to build on our experiences to help us work in a unique and genuine way with our clients, associates and other stakeholders.

To help explain this we thought, we’d share with you some of these key experiences: 

During his time as Managing Director at Kaplan Altior, Chris set up a partnership with a specialist apprenticeships provider to launch a Government-funded pilot of one of the first legal apprenticeship schemes in the UK. Since then, apprenticeships have become an established alternative career path within the profession. Through this experience, Chris learned how partnerships can help different parties achieve their own, as well as shared, results and outcomes more quickly and easily.

As Director of BITC in Wales, Rosie worked in partnership with the Welsh business community, Welsh Government and Careers Wales to first pilot, then roll out across Wales, BITC’s national Business Class programme. The programme itself encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between school and business, of which there are now over 80 in Wales. With so many stakeholders and multiple agendas at play, Rosie realised the importance of clear shared outcomes and a foundation of trust to enable healthy challenge and mutual responsibility. She also appreciated the value of regular two way communication as you seek to introduce new ideas and ways of working. 

These are just some of the experiences that have shaped our view, and which drive us to build true partnerships with our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in the work that we do. 

We’ve captured what working in partnership means for us, and hope it resonates with you too:

  • taking time to understand each other’s priorities and ambitions

  • shaping clear, measurable outcomes and defining success for all partners

  • open and trusting relationships, with a healthy mix of two-way challenge and support

  • balancing long term outcomes and short-term results

  • drawing on networks and experiences

  • testing, and learning, together

  • challenging assumptions (ours and yours) and established ways of doing things

  • seeking out, and offering, feedback and different perspectives

  • investing in relationships across your organisation

  • flexing our approach to meet your needs

Our values, which underpin all that we do, are: 

  • Practical: we deliver results which work in practice

  • Partnership: we build strong partnerships with our clients, associates and other stakeholders

  • Responsible: we believe that business has a positive role to play in society beyond profit

Whilst we are a profit-making business, we are also passionate about making a positive social, economic and environmental contribution. We are a fully certified B-Corp  to ensure our business is a force for good. You can read more about why we're a B-Corp hereOur environmental and community policiesoutline what this means in practice for us.  

We are also delighted to be members of the following organisations and programmes: