Community Investment Policy


Community Investment Policy

We are committed to making a clear and positive contribution to the communities in which we work and live, and in circumstances where we can make a real difference. We have achieved b corporation status which means that we are profit making and committed to making a positive contribution to society.

Our commitment stems from the belief that business has a purpose beyond profit. To maximise our impact, we will ensure our activity reflects our core values, and leverages the strengths and partnerships we have as a business.

Our approach to community investment is therefore people-based, and seeks to build on the strengths and levers we have as a business specialising in working with the financial, legal and professional services (FLPS) sector here in Wales.

  1. FLPS Group

One of our commitments is to convene a group of some 25 FLPS firms committed to future-proofing the sector through building networks, developing skills and supporting the sector to make a positive contribution to society.

Much of our conversation to date has focused on the importance of non-technical skills for current and future leaders; and the value of strong relationships and broad networks.

One of the vehicles we use to address these challenges is a hackathon. Hackathons have their origins in the tech sector, and are typically used to develop new technology solutions or ideas. The premise is that: working with people from different backgrounds, with complimentary skills in a time-pressured environment on a shared challenge creates fresh ideas and a rich learning environment.

The skills we’re seeking to develop are those that have been identified as increasingly important for leaders e.g. critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration.

The challenge we pose participants will always have both a commercial and social impact. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. To recognise the growing understanding, particularly in the FLPS sector since the financial crisis, that business has a purpose beyond profit.
  2. The FLPS sector is hugely important to Wales both in terms of wealth generation (it accounts for almost 10% of our GDP) and in attracting, developing and retaining talent and skills here in Wales. We’d like to tap into this talent to help shape solutions to some of Wales most pressing challenges.

Our commitment

  1. a)    We commit to continue to convene the FLPS Group at least twice a year.
  2. b)   We commit to run annual hackathons that seek to develop the skills and talents of current and future leaders in the FLPS sector and shape solutions to pressing social challenges we face as a nation.

In addition, we recognise that our employees, associates and partners want opportunities to make a positive contribution to, and get involved in, the local community. We support:

  • Individual employees and associates who wish to give their time to charitable and community initiatives
  • Local projects based in the communities where we work which develop the skills of existing and future employees e.g. we have pledged to support Cardiff Commitment and Teach First Cymru; and/or enable the sector to work together to make a positive difference.

We are unable to respond positively to every request we receive. In particular, we do not support:

  • Political parties or groups of any kind
  • Religious organisations
  • Personal appeals by, or on behalf of individuals

Our employees and associates play a key role in the decisions we make both in the types of issues we address and the organisations we support. We also empower our employees and associates to use their skills to make a positive difference in our communities.

  1. Supply Chain Partnerships

We work in partnership with the following organisations in our supply chain: Triodos Bank, ClimateCare, Goodwings, and Evergreen Insurance Services.

We also work as consultant partners to Teach First Cymru and the Duke of Edinburgh in Wales.

  1. Community Partnerships

We are also involved in other programmes and organisations to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable community relationships.

We are members of Business in the Community, the UK charity that promotes responsible business practice, and its Trading for Good group which helps small businesses improve their reputation and grow their business by showcasing the good work they do in their communities.

We also help charities to meet their goals, through fundraising or sponsorship on an individual basis. A recent example of this is Rosie running a half marathon for Ty Hafan.

We also offer our skills and experience through in-kind support to charitable or voluntary organisations. This includes sitting as a Trustee of Arts Active Trust, a registered charity that supports education, community and audience engagement projects in the arts; and as a volunteer mentor with Coleg y Cymoedd’s Girls Mentoring Initiative, to support students at the College to develop career-related skills and goals.

These roles give us an insight into societal challenges, and how our support can make a positive difference. Our Directors will review all requests and possible projects on at least a bi-annual basis.