Why & How

We exist to create sustainable learning and impact through the power of partnerships.

We partner with purpose-led leaders, teams and businesses to align ‘how they work’ with ‘what they achieve’ so that business and society benefits.  

We do this through a combination of one-to-one and team coaching, facilitated workshops, hackathons and consultancy services. 

We’ve captured what working in partnership means for us, and hope it resonates with you too:

  • Open and trusted relationships based on two-way challenge and support
  • Balancing long term outcomes and short-term results (for you, your business and society)
  • Drawing on networks and experiences – ours and yours
  • Testing, and learning, together
  • Challenging assumptions (ours & yours) and established ways of working 
  • Seeking out, and offering, feedback and different perspectives
  • Investing in relationships across your organisation
  • Flexing our approach to meet your needs

Our values, which underpin all that we do, are:

  • Practical: we deliver results which work in practice
  • Passion: we are passionate about learning, as people and as a business
  • Partnership: we build strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders
  • Responsible: we believe that business has a positive role to play in society beyond profit