Why & How

We exist to create sustainable learning and impact through the power of partnerships.

We work in genuine partnership with our clients, associates, suppliers and stakeholders to ensure we all develop as people and businesses and so together make a positive impact on our shared challenges and opportunities.

We’ve captured what working in partnership means for us, and hope it resonates with you too:

  • Open and trusted relationships based on two-way challenge and support
  • Balancing long term outcomes and short-term results (for you, your business and society)
  • Drawing on networks and experiences – ours and yours
  • Testing, and learning, together
  • Challenging assumptions (ours & yours) and established ways of working 
  • Seeking out, and offering, feedback and different perspectives
  • Investing in relationships across your organisation
  • Flexing our approach to meet your needs

Our values, which underpin all that we do, are:

  • Practical: we deliver results which work in practice
  • Passion: we are passionate about learning, as people and as a business
  • Partnership: we build strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders
  • Responsible: we believe that business has a positive role to play in society beyond profit