Pay It Forward Coaching

Are you a business looking to make a positive contribution to social and environmental challenges?

Or a third sector leader who would value the benefits of a coach?

Then Pay It Forward Coaching could be for you…

We have revisited our core purpose and values, and reflected on the priorities, challenges, and opportunities faced across our client base.

We’ve sought to bridge the gap between our clients’ growing desire to make a positive difference, contribute to ‘levelling up’ and ‘living their purpose’, and the proven long-term benefits of coaching.

As such we are delighted to share a new, exciting offer – ‘Pay It Forward Coaching’.

What Is It?

Pay It Forward Coaching enables businesses that have experienced the benefits of coaching to share this experience, and the benefits, with charity/community partners.

Through the scheme, the business is able to positively impact the leaders of their chosen charities, and make a measurable, positive difference to a social issue that’s important to them.

The charity can access the benefits of coaching on a free of charge basis – benefits which are often deprioritised in this sector due to funding restrictions and limited budgets.

How it Works

For existing Sweetmans coaching clients

For every 8 sessions of coaching booked with Sweetmans, a charity leader can receive a 60-minute coaching session on a free-of-charge basis. The charity partner could be an organisation the client already supports, or they can choose a social issue that’s important to them and we will source the partner.

For all other partners

Pay it Forward “vouchers” can also be purchased on a stand-alone basis to enable one leader from a charity partner to access a series of coaching sessions.

Founding partners

At Target our purpose is to Transform Experiences, whether that be for our colleagues, customer, clients or the communities we serve. We’re a people led business and we’re committed to putting people at the heart of how we operate. We want to make a positive and lasting impact across all our work and community touchpoints. Pay it forward coaching is new way we can drive this agenda. Utilising personal and professional development opportunities focussed on sustainability and community support. We’re delighted to be a founding partner and excited to see where this opportunity leads.

Matt Davies

Chief People Officer, Target Group

Our unique approach to renewable energy development and deployment focuses on embedding ourselves in the local communities in which we will build, bringing transformational community benefits. We are committed to maximising the power of our supply chains in Wales.  Pay it Forward coaching will be another way in which we can support our community partners  – providing personal and professional development opportunities to support the sustainability of their organisations and ultimately continue to make a positive impact in our communities.

Tom Callow

Head of People, Bute Energy

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